How can you effectively strategise your digital marketing strategies for a start-up?

It is indisputable that the success of entrepreneurship depends on the growing demand for more and more people understand your brand’s surge in sales. The problem is that your new business does not have enough money to invest in marketing and advertising. This is where you can attract millions of potential customers with a very little budget in a short period of time with the support of digital marketing. Through an effective strategy of digital marketing program, your business is not only in the industry competition, but also face other factors that affect the digital marketing activities of consumers.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to the marketing of products or services that use digital technology on the Internet, but also extends to some non-Internet media. Digital marketing technology uses search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media optimization and marketing, e-commerce marketing, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising and so on. Designing effective digital marketing campaigns for start-up companies and small businesses is invaluable.

Don’t irritate your followers by the unnecessarily posting again and again-

Social media has evolved into the most influential tool for expanding or narrowing brand image. So let you exist on the social networking site is the same. Do not just publish it on your social media page on a regular basis, but your post should also have a unique position that must attract the reader. Make sure your followers will not be bothered by your frequent messages and messages. Remember that the best post on Facebook is 5 to 10 posts per week, with 5 tweets and 1 post per day on LinkedIn and Google+.

Some companies can only use their social media accounts to promote their products or services. This may be an unsuccessful strategy because it is not helpful to followers. Find and share information that your followers may be interested in and helpful. If they share your article, your page may get more traffic, and there may be more customers. At the same time, let your social media page become a platform where your customers can easily interact with you. Many large companies move customer care services to social media, interact with customers, provide the necessary information, and resolve complaints faster and more effectively. So make sure you follow the best practices.

Not investing on Content Marketing can be a blunder-

Unfortunately, many small businesses have overlooked investment in content marketing. The content is important because your entire digital marketing campaign depends on it. If your content is invalid, you will no longer need to communicate with your target audience. Focus on creative content that describes your product or service in the best interests of your customers.
If you think creative content may cost a lot, think about it again. You can find cheap and high-quality content in the various content of the site. Once you have created valuable brand content, you can use your social media information as much as possible, reach LinkedIn groups and industry forums, contribute to other popular sites, and send email to industry experts.

The last words

Above are few measures that a digital marketing agency follows to make a good place on Google. Hire a white hat Singapore Seo Agency to give a boost to your product in the market with using proper Google techniques

5 myths about the SEO today

Doing SEO for each kind of business is very essential. Without SEO you can’t reach your website to the excellence. SEO is like a stair which you and every online business owner need for their website. But before knowing more about it, let’s know about some myths about SEO-

1. The first rank is important-

Many of the e-books and other resources used by business owners will focus on the top of the search results, whether in Google search, other engines, and even social media and other places. But the survey shows that people often see other results, they will scroll down the page. For example, on the second page, it is very useful for traffic. In addition, the search rank is only part of the puzzle. Now, Google puts other results on the page, such as social suggestions and local results, which means that there are more channels available for you, and are no longer as important as ever. So employing an seo agency in Singapore is equally important as boosting your product in market

2. You can take help from outside for SEO-

Doing SEO just means that you follow a set of techniques and procedures to increase the chances of web users going to your site. Indeed, anyone can learn these techniques, if you are the site owner, and you want to do your own SEO, then you can take the time to learn and apply these techniques. But SEO can be complex and involves many areas such as online marketing, coding, technical and public relations skills. Most business owners do not have all the good work on SEO, which is why there are so many Seo Agency exist to help. A simple IT worker or online tag is usually not enough if you want really good results.

3. Using META tags is essential-

Previously, every page on your site required a META tag to rank. The code is small and allows Google to list keywords and descriptions. Search engines will be based on those to find out what your site is. However, these will not affect your ranking. Both Google and Bing stop focusing on the META tag to index the site. But they are not useless. For example, your description tag will be the text that appears frequently along the link that appears in the search results, so it is still a useful operation.

4. Keyword-rich domain names are ranked higher

Back to the Internet age, before you use the URL is very important. Google is very important to the domain name, and if you can get a name that contains your keywords, you will get a greater advantage than other sites. That’s why many companies bought a lot of money in the late 90s. But now, the indexing process only looks at the actual content of your page, not the domain name. The name is still very important, because people will still see it, but will not let you higher.

5. You have to submit your site to Google or other search engines

All search engines have a URL submission form that you can send to Google and others. In fact, they still do so, but this process is unnecessary. These engines are now used crawlers that are very complex and any new sites will be found in a few days if not for hours. Only need to worry about submitting the site time is for some reason, a few days after the automatic indexing.

Why contact Best web design agency

As most of the people prefer to search online to contact vendors and clients, it is necessary to use all the available platforms to promote the business online. It is widely recommended for people with the best web design agency to design a professional and user-friendly website in order to be active online on a regular basis. As some of the websites are known to provide an e-commerce option to sell products, it is essential to consult the best agency in order to design a professional site with all the required options in an effective way.

Some of the advantages of contacting a reputed web design agency

Quality website and options –

There are plenty of languages available for people to develop a quality website in an effective way. It is necessary for people to know different languages amiable to build websites, as it helps them to choose the best language in order to complete the website in a quick span of time. Some of the languages are known to provide quality features, which can be used with certain limitations from time to time. A professional web design agency can help people to build a perfect website, which can be used based on the requirement in an effective way.

Quick turnaround time –

As there will be a team of people, who would be working on a single project, it is evident that clients would see the final output in a quick span of time. As the turnaround would be quick, it is evident that the website can be launched without delay in an effective way. It is necessary to provide all the information to the team, as it helps them to build the website based on the color and the theme in an easy way.

Suitable for various purposes –

As businesses are known to provide different kinds of services and products, it is necessary to have friendly features and options in the website in order to attract people in an effective way. It is evident that there are a lot of programming languages available online, which can be used based on the requirement of the business from time to time. Our team of website developers ensures to design and develop a website, which can be used to sell products and to promote online in an easy way. As Search engine optimization or SEO bring leads & sales to the business, it is evident that people would like to have a site, which can be used to optimize based on the search engine algorithms from time to time.


It is important for every individual to understand the features of using websites, as it helps them to build a proper website in order to use it in an effective way. As websites can be used to promote products and to maintain reputation online, it is widely recommended for people to consult a professional website developer in order to build the website in a quick span of time. Here I introduce Top 10 Web Design Companies in Singapore, hope it will help you to get what you want.

How to hire a Best SEO services company?

If you go through the meaning of SEO, it is called Search Engine Optimization. SEO is one of the greatest marketing strategies in the world. It is a common strategy of a business organization to become a good ranking in the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Now it is a question, how to hire the best SEO agency in Singapore for your organization?

Define your budget

Budget is a common issue for an organization. Before doing SEO, the first thing we need to think about our budget as well as fees. We must take into consideration for fees and how much we can pay for this. Fees may vary across the world. It depends on the workload of the service. It is important for you to find out a good and expert SEO company which can easily fulfill your basic requirement. Some SEO companies might charge $50 to $100 for an hour depending on your workload. It is a good idea to hire a good SEO company within your budget. Many SEO firms may ask you to pay a certain amount for each page or ask for a small amount of money to cover the cost of your task for each month. SEO is not a short time process, that’s why we need to ask the SEO firm how much it will take once the major changes have made of the search algorithm of the search engine.

Experience of an SEO service company

It is another vital point for a business organization. Before hiring an SEO agency in Singapore, we need to check the experience of that particular firm. An experienced SEO company can easily fulfill your requirements and deliver a good SEO result. It is an easier task to judge the ability of an SEO company which has been handled several SEO projects for last few years. It is possible for us to verify the results of these past projects and estimate the SEO capability of that particular company. Some people like to select a new SEO company which has great knowledge of SEO field.

We should bear in mind that SEO is a continuous process, so before hiring an SEO company, we need to do an agreement for a long time.

Using internet marketing services in your target countries

It is a great idea to recruit an SEO agency which offers a wide range of services for your target countries, it includes PPC and SMO service. At the beginning, you don’t need to think about these strategies, you will have to think about these for near future. These strategies will help you to locate a good number of super target customers for your business organization. If you want to increase overall online visibility with search engine rankings, you will have to utilize the strategies in conjunction with SEO techniques.

Define a goal

A reliable Singapore SEO agency will use tested and tried SEO strategies like OFF page SEO and ON Page SEO. Before hiring an SEO company in Singapore, you need to define these effective strategies for your business organization. You will have to include it in an agreement with their service.

Web Designing – A step for a successful business

The web market is increasing day by day and we see that people in today’s time, most of the people prefer to shop online and this is the reason why it has become a necessity for all the companies to have a strong presence on the online platform so that they can cater to the needs of their potential customers. If you are into a business and you are looking to have a good presence on the online platform, then this piece of writing is a must read for you.

Web designing is one of the most important things which a businessman has to consider as with the help of it, he can easily ensure to catch the attention of his potential clients and this platform also provides him with the option of making new clients. In today’s time all the companies compete with each other on the online platform, thus it is the responsibility of a business owner to provide an efficient website to his customers.

There are people who don’t give much time in maintaining the website of their companies; this is why they end up losing a number of clients to their competitors. So, the best way to promote your business is to maintain the website of your company in a proper way. Let us have a look at the reasons why do you need to have an efficient website:

Catches the attention of clients: In today’s time, people prefer to look at the website of a company before purchasing something from there, this gives the client a clear idea that when he can expect from that particular company and just imagine who would like to something from a company whose website has nothing in it?

Provides you marketing platform: The other best thing about using a website is that it gives customers a platform to know about all the products and services which are provided by a company. By looking at the various products and services, a person can easily choose the ones which suit his requirement the most.

Promotion: An efficient website gets the attention of people by word of mouth publicity as well, a website which is loved by people and the site from where they love to shop also helps them to promote their business among a huge number of clients. Most of the people end up promoting a good website with their family and friends.

Helps in increasing customers: If your landing page web design is attractive and have lots of useful features, there are relevant details listed on it, then there will be chances that your number of customers will increase. Though, having a good website means that you are up-to-date with all the latest trend of website designing.

So, these are some of the reasons why it is necessary to do web design in the perfect manner. If you are also into a business, then you find a professional web designer today to do the job for you.

How to find the best web designer in Singapore?

The website of a company is like a digital business card. If the appearance is not convincing or function customers can form an opinion wrong and turn to others. In addition, a good website is the first step to growing their business and make it known to all. Therefore it is very important to choose the right web designer for the realization of their website. Research at the beginning may seem difficult to find the web designer in no time right for you, in fact, to be successful, just follow a few tips:

What makes it the right web designer?

The right web designer is not only a person familiar with the matter, and has a good resume, must also be able to understand the customer’s needs, his vision of the website and know how to create it. The right web designer needs to have a critical spirit and good communication skills that allow them to sense the result that the customer expects and fulfill, within the limits of the possible, his demands. The search can be done by asking references to voice, but also using social networks and freelance work platforms, which guarantee a very quick response.

The web design project description

Before meeting the chosen web designer for the realization of its site it is important to have a clear vision of the final product and put it in writing. Make a description of the project helps the web designer to understand the task that needs to complete and serves to reflect more deeply on their own needs.

You can always turn to experts when you do not have the knowledge or experience to assess the technical capacity and reliability of freelancers who are going to hire or you have difficulty in imagining the cost and time that will take the project.

Consider the past references and work count

Once you have the contacts to choose the right web designer is important to check references and see the projects realized in the past for other clients. Looking at the websites created by a freelance web designer, you have to ask yourself these questions: the navigation is immediate and it is easy to move between the pages of the website?

There is a massive use of the brand with a color revival in every part of the site, which makes the product recognizable? There is a fair use of the images and there are great photos? The use of typography conveys the right emotion? If you answer “yes” to all questions it is very likely that what you have in front is the right freelance web designer.

The company’s needs always come first

In addition to evaluating the technical skills of a potential collaborator, it is important to try to understand how it will behave during the execution of the project. If he is a person with whom it is easy to communicate, intuitive, and it takes care of their work and interests of the customer then no need to give a second thought about it. The right freelance web designer is one with which we feel on the same wavelength, which offers the best project in accordance with the size of the expenditure.

What is the website design trend for 2017

As a web designer, creativity is the essence. It is almost always up to you to keep up-to-date with current trends and developments in the industry. Some aspects remain always up-to-date and should always remain the focus of the web designers, so also in the year 2017. Above all, this includes the usability and the presentation of high-quality content, which is brought even more into focus through targeted graphic elements.

Responsive Design and AMP

A trend which should surely be known to all web designers and will continue to accompany us in the future is that of Responsive Design and the Mobile First approach. According to Google, in the future, the mobile index will be the primary role in website indexing and more and more important for the relevance. Experts disagree about whether users of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) frameworks will be rewarded in the future with more presence in the mobile search, exclude, this is not, and the trend is definitely to mobile-optimized content.

In this connection, of course, the speed or loading time of web pages is of considerable importance; especially the growing number of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones require fast charging times. A speedy internet connection is a very decisive factor whether visitors stay on a website or are put off by the slow build-up of pages and linger in the result only very briefly there.

The goal is therefore to achieve a higher degree of user-friendliness with content based on the AMP framework through optimized loading times. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages, content should be available within milliseconds – even videos or high-resolution images are also loaded faster.

Web apps instead of desktop applications

While more desktop applications have been used in the past, there are more and more apps on the Internet today. This trend will continue in 2017, and websites and entire functions of traditional applications will be available step by step as small web applications. The provider of poker games, casino games, and sports betting has implemented many functions of the traditional applications already in the browser.

This benefits not only mobile users but also desktop users since traditional software applications are becoming increasingly rare. In particular, the growing trend of software as a service (SaaS) means that software installation will be completely obsolete in a few years. In 2017, some experts expect that many websites will present themselves as a web app, but it remains intriguing to see whether a trend is emerging here.

Flat-Design 2.0

Another trend for the year 2017, which is already apparent in the recent past, is a further development of the flat or material design. Flat design 2.0 designates a design style in the interface design of applications and websites. There will be no deliberate elaborate and playful elements- the focus is clearly on the functionality, the content and the simplicity of the app or website itself.

On the way to more realism

And the last is- more and more, the trend towards authenticity, with a personal note and realistic representations of elements. Quite practically, this approach moves away from striking stock photographs to their own, more vivid photos or illustrations as hero images on websites. It is about creating unique and personal experiences for the user.

How important it is to choose the right web font

One of the most important aspects of writing a good marketing article is making it clear, and what is clearer a good a font?

But what is a font? It is a set of displayable or printable characters using a specific style and size. There are many font families such as Serif and Sans-serif that can be used to write an article.

So how important is a font? And how to choose a good one? Here are some tips on how to choose a good font from doublezerodesign.

First the Font-Size:

A font-size of 12 pixels would be recommended for any type of writing since it makes the reading easier and clearer. 16 to 20 pixels would be great for titles and sub-titles, but they won’t make things easier to read if used for a simple text. So to make it simple, the size should be big enough to be readable but not too big as it will take more space and therefore make the reading unpleasant.

Then the Font-Style:

A good key would be to choose one that is clear enough and doesn’t use other symbols instead of letters. One that is not too curvy so it can be readable, but is not too boring so it can catch the eye. Some of the most used Fonts are Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana. There are some other fonts that can be downloaded for free or bought from the internet, choose one that is simple and readable. It can be from Serif font family or Sans-Serif font family, both would be good for writings.

Here is a simple explanation to differ between Serif and Sans-Serif that will help you choose easily: Sans-serif, also called Gothic, are fonts that don’t have a small line at the end of strokes, Calibri, Lucida Sans, Verdana, and Arial are some of the most known Sans-Serif fonts. That small line at the end of a stroke is called “Serif” derived from the Dutch word “Schreef”, so Serif font family is simply fonts that have a small line at the end of strokes, they are referred to as Roman, some of the most known fonts that are from the Serif font family are Times New Roman, Georgia, Rockwell, Lucida Bright…

And Finally, the Font-Color:

Colors are what attracts the eye the most, they can make your writing clear but can also make it really difficult if you’re not careful enough!

So what are good colors for writing? It depends on your background you won’t use a light blue on a white background or a dark gray on a black one that would make reading harder and can actually hurt the eyes of the reader. Instead, play with contrast, for example, if you have a white background black color would be great, you can also play with other colors and choose deep dark shades of colors you like such as dark gray and crimson, which is a deep dark shade of red. And you guessed it, if you have a dark background you should use light shades such as white or light gray.

Note that white writing on a black background can sometimes hurt the eyes, so be careful.

Don’t be afraid to try different colors! Be creative with your content but don’t use a heavy hand and let it be readable while making people want to read more of it.

5 misunderstood HTML tags ever

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is a markup language used to create web pages as well as user interfaces for mobile and web applications along with CSS and JavaScript. It describes the general structure and appearance of a document, to accomplish that it uses many tags to add some content in the page such as <img /> that introduces it directly or <p> … </p> that surrounds the information and can include other tags as sub-elements. HTML can be very easy to learn, but sometimes it isn’t used to its full potential. Here are 5 of the most misunderstood HTML tags that can be unknown to some.

<cite>: It is useful for citing biblical references (or any other reference), just as <blockquote>, the text inside it will generally be rendered in italics by the browser but you still can change its appearance using CSS.

Here is an example of its use :

One of the most read dystopian books is <cite>Nineteen Eighty-Four</cite> by George Orwell.

It would look like this without CSS :

One of the most read dystopian books is Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.

<address>: This one defines a contact information, as its name says it will allow you to markup addresses in HTML. All you need to do is write the address inside the tags like so :



Baker Street



As for <cite>, the format can be changed through CSS

<label>: This tag defines a label for an input element, it is one of the most forgotten tags, even if it actually is very useful and is great for styling and makes the element that you specify using “for” attributes clickable. Note that the “for” attribute should be equal to the “id” attribute of your element.

Here is an example of usage :

<label for=”yes”>Yes</label>

<input type=”radio” name=”answer” id=”yes” value=”yes”><br>

<label for=”no”>No</label>

<input type=”radio” name=”answer” id=”no” value=”no”><br>

So here instead of clicking on the radio field, you can click on the text and it will toggle the control.

<fieldset>: <fieldset> will allow you to group related elements inside a box, it will draw a line around them. If you add a <label> tag to it, it will give a title to your box.

As simple as the previous tags, here’s how it can be used :


First-Name: <input type=”text”><br>

Last-Name: <input type=”text”><br>

Date of birth: <input type=”text”>


<optgroup>: This one will allow you to define a group of related options in a drop-down list, you can visually choose from the select box easily since it will be sorted as groups.

It can be used for a genre of books, for example.

<select id = “books” name = “books”>

<optgroup label=”Kids”>

<option value=”totoro”>Totoro</option>

<option value=”caillou”>Caillou</option>


<optgroup label=”Fantasy”>

<option value=”hp”>Harry Potter</option>

<option value=”lotr”>Lord of the Rings</option>



Many other tags are still forgotten to the programming world, we should try to bring them back to life for most of them are more useful than we think.

I hope that this article will be useful for those who just started learning HTML, as for experts I suppose that most of you know how to use these tags.