What is the website design trend for 2017

As a web designer, creativity is the essence. It is almost always up to you to keep up-to-date with current trends and developments in the industry. Some aspects remain always up-to-date and should always remain the focus of the web designers, so also in the year 2017. Above all, this includes the usability and the presentation of high-quality content, which is brought even more into focus through targeted graphic elements.

Responsive Design and AMP

A trend which should surely be known to all web designers and will continue to accompany us in the future is that of Responsive Design and the Mobile First approach. According to Google, in the future, the mobile index will be the primary role in website indexing and more and more important for the relevance. Experts disagree about whether users of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) frameworks will be rewarded in the future with more presence in the mobile search, exclude, this is not, and the trend is definitely to mobile-optimized content.

In this connection, of course, the speed or loading time of web pages is of considerable importance; especially the growing number of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones require fast charging times. A speedy internet connection is a very decisive factor whether visitors stay on a website or are put off by the slow build-up of pages and linger in the result only very briefly there.

The goal is therefore to achieve a higher degree of user-friendliness with content based on the AMP framework through optimized loading times. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages, content should be available within milliseconds – even videos or high-resolution images are also loaded faster.

Web apps instead of desktop applications

While more desktop applications have been used in the past, there are more and more apps on the Internet today. This trend will continue in 2017, and websites and entire functions of traditional applications will be available step by step as small web applications. The provider of poker games, casino games, and sports betting has implemented many functions of the traditional applications already in the browser.

This benefits not only mobile users but also desktop users since traditional software applications are becoming increasingly rare. In particular, the growing trend of software as a service (SaaS) means that software installation will be completely obsolete in a few years. In 2017, some experts expect that many websites will present themselves as a web app, but it remains intriguing to see whether a trend is emerging here.

Flat-Design 2.0

Another trend for the year 2017, which is already apparent in the recent past, is a further development of the flat or material design. Flat design 2.0 designates a design style in the interface design of applications and websites. There will be no deliberate elaborate and playful elements- the focus is clearly on the functionality, the content and the simplicity of the app or website itself.

On the way to more realism

And the last is- more and more, the trend towards authenticity, with a personal note and realistic representations of elements. Quite practically, this approach moves away from striking stock photographs to their own, more vivid photos or illustrations as hero images on websites. It is about creating unique and personal experiences for the user.