How important it is to choose the right web font

One of the most important aspects of writing a good marketing article is making it clear, and what is clearer a good a font?

But what is a font? It is a set of displayable or printable characters using a specific style and size. There are many font families such as Serif and Sans-serif that can be used to write an article.

So how important is a font? And how to choose a good one? Here are some tips on how to choose a good font from doublezerodesign.

First the Font-Size:

A font-size of 12 pixels would be recommended for any type of writing since it makes the reading easier and clearer. 16 to 20 pixels would be great for titles and sub-titles, but they won’t make things easier to read if used for a simple text. So to make it simple, the size should be big enough to be readable but not too big as it will take more space and therefore make the reading unpleasant.

Then the Font-Style:

A good key would be to choose one that is clear enough and doesn’t use other symbols instead of letters. One that is not too curvy so it can be readable, but is not too boring so it can catch the eye. Some of the most used Fonts are Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana. There are some other fonts that can be downloaded for free or bought from the internet, choose one that is simple and readable. It can be from Serif font family or Sans-Serif font family, both would be good for writings.

Here is a simple explanation to differ between Serif and Sans-Serif that will help you choose easily: Sans-serif, also called Gothic, are fonts that don’t have a small line at the end of strokes, Calibri, Lucida Sans, Verdana, and Arial are some of the most known Sans-Serif fonts. That small line at the end of a stroke is called “Serif” derived from the Dutch word “Schreef”, so Serif font family is simply fonts that have a small line at the end of strokes, they are referred to as Roman, some of the most known fonts that are from the Serif font family are Times New Roman, Georgia, Rockwell, Lucida Bright…

And Finally, the Font-Color:

Colors are what attracts the eye the most, they can make your writing clear but can also make it really difficult if you’re not careful enough!

So what are good colors for writing? It depends on your background you won’t use a light blue on a white background or a dark gray on a black one that would make reading harder and can actually hurt the eyes of the reader. Instead, play with contrast, for example, if you have a white background black color would be great, you can also play with other colors and choose deep dark shades of colors you like such as dark gray and crimson, which is a deep dark shade of red. And you guessed it, if you have a dark background you should use light shades such as white or light gray.

Note that white writing on a black background can sometimes hurt the eyes, so be careful.

Don’t be afraid to try different colors! Be creative with your content but don’t use a heavy hand and let it be readable while making people want to read more of it.