Finished or Rough: Amber Sea Developers Understand the Finishes of Condominiums in New Buildings

A new apartment is always a reason for joy. But paired with it is always a reason for a lot of work and costs – repairs. What is the difference between an apartment with a finish and one with a draft? What is “free planning” and is it a good offer, as it sounds?

Without processing

This option is also called “Free Planning”. At this stage, your apartment looks like a “naked” concrete square. On the one hand – you have the opportunity not to restrain your imagination and create the apartment you have always dreamed of. After all, at this stage you can think through every detail – the location of sockets and switches, the number of walls and where they will be, as well as make the plaster perfectly smooth. On the other hand, these works will require a lot of effort, time and, of course, money. You will need to organize construction work for screeds and levelling, installation of partitions, piping and electrical networks, install plumbing. This will require a lot of effort and expense, but you can do everything the way you want.

With rough finish

Rough finishing of the condominium means that you receive the apartment quite suitable for the further arrangement and a happy life. At this stage, the floor screed has already been made, and the walls are plastered. Of course, most often the developer saves and uses the cheapest materials for roughing of apartments. Therefore, you may need to prime the floor and walls before finishing.

Meters will already be installed in the room with rough finishing, pipes with hot and cold water will be connected to the central system. Wires will also be laid here, and sometimes plumbing will be installed. Yes, you still have to spend a lot of effort on repairs, but the most important work will already be done.

With finishing

In the apartment with finishing, you can immediately call. In addition to the fact that all the finishing, floor screed, wiring and pipes have already been done, in the apartments with this type of repair wallpaper has already been glued, plumbing has been installed. This option of repair from the developer is often cheaper than if you did it yourself. All because the developer buys materials in bulk and at purchase prices. Maybe you will fit under a clean condominium with repairs from the developer so as not to spend more at first.

What is the disadvantage of finishing? If your apartment will “sit down”, you will not be able to understand it in the initial stages and will notice only when, for example, wall-paper “will go”. But such a problem can occur in every apartment in a new building in the first few years. Therefore, if you plan to make major repairs a little later, for finishing – a great option. Apartments with finishing from the developer will suit people who do not plan to make repairs in the near future.

After understanding the processing and choosing the appropriate option, be sure to check all the work done before signing the act of acceptance. Before that, it is advisable to call an experienced builder who would inspect the housing and give you an objective comment.

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