Aspects to be taken into deliberation

When one is keen on investing, then real estate crowns the list. This is deemed one of the extremely desirable alternatives for various reasons. You do not just have something that you can proudly call your own, but this furthermore enables you to develop revenue in the extended run. You can handily sit back and celebrate the very big returns the equity has to give with time in the future. You would appreciate this and many other benefits when you are investing in real estate. If you are scheming to purchase land for sale in District 12, this is certainly one of the decent investment choices you can give rise to. Especially if you are looking at the latest condos like Thiam Siew Residences, you can reap tremendous advantages. So, to obtain these advantages, you would have to maintain a check on specific aspects before you invest.

Aspects to be taken into deliberation before investing in land for sale in Singapore

  • Select the locale carefully – This criterion is one of the various aspects that clasps a lot of implications while glancing to invest in real estate, especially land for sale in Singapore. People usually glance for various facilities nearby while selecting a residential address. The residential address should have decent connectivity and have accessible transportation capabilities. The households with children glance for the premium academic organizations in the proximity. There should be alternatives for leisure and hospitals available and should inevitably deduce the infrastructure developments and impending projects in that specific location. You should also infer if the specific location would persuade the residents in the future or not. So, you should certainly perform proper exploration of the area where you are glancing forward to purchasing land. All of these parameters taken jointly would infer the sort of monthly earnings that you can probably develop from the equity in the future.
  • Value of appreciation – This is one of the main characteristics that you should understand while investing in land for sale in Singapore. This is extremely crucial to understand if the value of the concerned land would improve with time or not and would provide you elevated returns in the future or not. The various components like infrastructure growth, locale, and further, would deduce the all-around appreciation of the chunk of land.
  • Selecting the proper plot loan plan – Various banks operating in the nation offer plot loans at various rates of interest. Nonetheless, you should not randomly grab just any plan but ideally, go through the loan contributions from all the banks, correlate the plot loan strategies, and then select one that gives the decent rate of income and ultimate flexibility. You should furthermore check if you would be able to make the required down payment or not.
  • Studying about the seller– Now that you have finally agreed on the locale, the growth, and conveniences for investing in the standard property, now it is the moment to check the reputation of the seller. This will assure clear titles and simple documentation & this is something that you should reimburse a lot of significance to. Once you have accessed all the details, the feeling of belief enhances, and the contract stays transparent as well.

Determining all the above parameters when you are buying a home in Singapore would assist you to make a valid choice and ultimately you would obtain the nicest value for your wealth. So, go forward and give rise to a great investment judgment by acquiring a flat in the latest Thiam Siew Condo as the developers are one of the best choices to partner with.

EC’s Are Designed for Own-Stay Purposes

The executive condo (EC) is one of the greatly prominent housing categories in Singapore. So, any luxurious upcoming condo could be a tremendous chance for you to never miss out! Want a perfect example? Look no further than Tengah Garden EC.

They are extra ‘atas’ than HDB flats and correlated to private condominiums. EC’s are additional attractively priced and appear with similar installations and designs.

So, without bringing your brain to explode, we’ll be clarifying all there is to understand about an EC

What Is an Executive Condo (EC)?

Known as the “sandwich flat”, an EC is a public-private residence hybrid catered for middle-income Singaporeans who don’t have entitlement to an HDB flat due to the earnings ceiling cap but deem private condominiums extremely expensive.

ECS is generated and sold by private developers but is subsidized by the state. As such, while they have condo-like characteristics such as swimming pools, gyms, clubhouse, and a nicer layout, they are reasonable compared to private condos.

The flip viewpoint of being a mixed development nonetheless is that ECs are deemed HDB properties for the initial 10 years, which implies they’re spanned by HDB’s rules.

Executive Condos Are Cheaper Than Private Condos

Everyone wants to purchase things at a discount right?

When you purchase an executive condo, you’re purchasing a condo that is subsidized by the government.

This implies not just are you buying at a barely reasonable price, but you’ll moreover get to enjoy installations generally found in condos such as BBQ pits, swimming pools, tennis courts, function cabins, and gyms. ECs like Tengah Garden EC furthermore come with completely readied kitchens and bathrooms, as well as finishings that are identical to private condos.

On the lid of that, you can furthermore take benefit of the CPF Housing Grants, which are useful to help counteract the cost.

ECs get privatised post 10th Year, With basically Good Value

Sure, the first 10 years might be a little a grip, but once the 5-year MOP interval is up, you can sell it (just to SCs or PRs), or rent it out.

From the 11th year onward, ECs will be privatized, which implies you can sell them to exotic buyers.

Furthermore, the value of ECs commonly gets better over the years. Know that when you purchase an EC, you’re purchasing at a subsidized rate. Nonetheless, once the estate slams the MOP and the 11th year, the capital gains are normally elevated compared to resale condos.

ECS Are Designed for Own-Stay Purposes

Because of the eligibility standards, ECs are targeted at owner-occupiers (buyers who acquire and reside in the house), which is relatively different from private condos, as it persuades investors as well. This is the reason why it usually commences from three-bedroom units, whilst private condos generally have one-bedrooms.

As such, EC units are commonly larger than private condos, but the demographic generally comprises local families, whilst private condos are additional diverse.

In closing

Homeownership is usually the foundation of an average man’s development in net worth. Your home will have a stunning consequence on your standard of living, so select wisely and begin your research early to assist you to make the nicest feasible judgments. Good luck walking into your new home.


New Generation Prefabricated Condos: Inspiring Features

New generation prefabricated houses are a convenient option for those who want to move to their own home as soon as possible. The rapid development of all spheres of life affects people’s lives including their place of residence. Prefabricated condominiums in this case – the best option.

There is a stereotypical opinion that quickly built housing can be cold and of poor quality. However, with each new construction, technique is improved, new plans for the most comfortable living conditions appear. To preserve heat in such houses, high quality insulation is done. PVC windows are also installed in prefabricated houses of the new generation.

Every year the number of such houses grows. The popularity and demand for them is due to the mixed construction technology – monolithic-frame. It provides the housing with durability and extended service life. That is why prefabricated houses can be called one of the best.

Apartments in panel houses

Planning of apartments in prefabricated houses of the new generation is designed on the principle of zoning. This can be a group of rooms for the whole family – a common room, hallway as the first zone. The bedroom, the bathroom and the second corridor can form the second zone.

There is usually a kitchen between the zones. Three-, four-, five-room apartments can have two bathrooms and two balconies. The area is correspondingly larger. Usually there is no individual architecture in such houses. Redevelopment is possible, but undesirable. Modern prefabricated condos are trying to build so that each buyer can choose a layout that will be convenient for him and his family.

The apartment in the panel house is not only planning, but also reliability and durability of materials. The advantage of a panel building is its price, which is much lower than for a brick or frame house. When choosing this type of housing, be sure to consider the timing of construction, the material from which the house is built, the strength of the walls and sound insulation in the apartments.

The Avenir residential complex is solution to all your problems:


The Avenir residential complex is the rationality and manufacturability of solutions not only inside the house, but also outside it. When developing the concept of landscaping the local area, the interests and hobbies of residents of different ages were taken into account.

  • High international quality standards are applied to safety and comfort issues.
  • The quality of construction, thoughtful engineering solutions, the reliability of the developer, the concept of Luxe Botanical sanctuary and its convenient location relative to the main thoroughfares of the city and metro stations create all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life in the metropolis among nature. See also: The Canninghill Piers.
  • Walking distance to social infrastructure for The Avenir is not just words – reality. All daily business tasks can be solved without going too far.
  • Additional supermarkets, cafes, pharmacies and shops will be opened near the premises of the first floors.
  • The ergonomics of the space and the principle of “Reasonable meters” will make it possible to use every square meter of the area as efficiently as possible and make the life of all family members more comfortable, and provide everyone with a zone of privacy and relaxation.

In “smart” apartments, there are no long corridors, dead ends and dark corners. There are places for built-in storage systems, dressing rooms.

“Reasonable meters” – every square meter is useful. The “smart” house has grand, spacious halls, parking, and city boxes.

By purchasing an apartment in the residential complex “The Avenir“, you are choosing a high quality of life.